Boost Your Bone Graft Recovery with These Tips

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Bone grafting is an oral surgical procedure that restores weakened bone structure in a targeted area of your jawbone. We are pleased to helpful tips to boost your recovery process and help you enjoy a stronger smile sooner.

When you meet with Dr. Jose Lopez for an initial consultation, please notify him of any preexisting medical conditions or medications you take that lead to increased bleeding. We encourage open communication to ensure we provide you with a customized and safe procedure.

We recommend that you speak with your physician in advance if you use tobacco regularly. He or she can help you implement a cessation program so that your tobacco habit does not affect surgery or the recovery process. Tobacco irritates gum tissue, leading to a longer recovery time, and increased your risk of gum infection during recovery. When considering your options for a cessation program, opt for one that doesn’t include the use of nicotine gum or lozenges, both of which can irritate gum tissues that are in the process of healing.

While your gums undergo healing, help them out by maintaining a soft-foods diet, including items such as applesauce, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. Proper hydration is important, but you should avoid drinking hot or cold beverages, as well as drinking through a straw (this can pull blood clots loose).

If you are interested in receiving a bone graft and are concerned about the recovery process, you are welcome to call JF Lopez DDS, MD, RPh, PA at 713-622-8607 today. Our oral surgeon would be pleased to provide you with instructions to boost your bone graft recovery process.