Do You Have a Smile Issue That Can Benefit From a Bone Graft?

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Our oral surgeon, Dr. Jose Lopez is pleased to offer bone grafting, also known as bone augmentation, for our patients who have experienced jaw bone loss in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. If you are experiencing bone loss density stemming from such oral issues as tooth loss, trauma or gum disease, a bone graft procedure might be necessary to rebuild your healthy smile.

You see, the bone density in a healthy jaw is normally maintained through the stimulating chewing action provided when you eat. So what happens when a tooth is lost is the halting of this vital stimulation. The result? A disruption in healthy jaw bone growth. This matters because what people sometimes don’t realize is that the jawbone supports the muscles in your face and the skin covering them. What happens when you lose supportive bone? Unfortunately, your face can look prematurely aged.

In addition, if you need a dental implant restoration, you will also need sufficient bone material in the jaw to support the implant. With a bone graft, Dr. Jose Lopez can successfully place and support dental crowns, dentures, and fixed bridgework.

So what does a bone graft mean for you? To perform the graft procedure, Dr. Jose Lopez might take a piece of bone from another section of your jaw or body (perhaps from your hip or shin) and place it into the jawbone. Necessary bone can also be derived from artificial bone if needed to provide sufficient bone density.

To find out if a bone graft is a viable option for your smile, we invite you to schedule a visit with our team by calling 713-622-8607 today. At the oral and maxillofacial surgery practice of JF Lopez, DDS, MD, RPh, PA in Houston, Texas, we look forward to helping you create the healthy smile you deserve!