Know the Signs of Troubled Wisdom Teeth

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If you are unfamiliar with wisdom teeth, they are the third set molars that erupt in the very back of your smile during the years of your late teens to mid-twenties, and they often need to be removed. The use of dental X-rays during routine checkups helps dentists determine if wisdom teeth are safe or if they need to be removed at some point. We have listed three commons signs that could be time for your wisdom tooth removal:

– Impaction: Wisdom teeth that become wedged and can’t erupt properly often stay stuck in the gums or in the jawbone and require surgery.
– The poor angle of eruption: If X-rays reveal the wisdom teeth are crooked or even sideways and could push your other teeth out of alignment, they may need to come out.
– Overcrowding: A mouth that isn’t large enough to accommodate more molars is at risk unless those molars are removed.

The Before and After of Wisdom Tooth Removal
At your initial consultation, you are welcome to speak with Dr. Jose Lopez about the procedure and ask any questions. Please notify him of any prescription meds you take or if you have any pre-existing health problems.

You may undergo some swelling and discomfort in the days following surgery, but it’s important to drink lots of fluid and follow your post-op care instructions for wisdom tooth removal. Contact our office or your doctor immediately if the swelling or pain doesn’t subside within a few hours, or if you develop a fever.


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