Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Improve Oral Health

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Wisdom teeth can cause many oral health problems to your beautiful smile. That is why most people have them removed. Here at JF Lopez DDS, MD, RPh, PA in Houston, Texas, our practice specializes in oral surgery like removing your wisdom teeth, so you can keep your smile healthy and in good alignment throughout your life.


Wisdom teeth are the last of our adult teeth to erupt. In most cases, our jaw is too narrow or tight to allow room for the wisdom teeth to come in properly, which often causes them to become impacted. Once your teeth are impacted, they could be painful or have tight angles that make it hard to clean properly, increasing cavities and risk to gum disease.


Another side effect of having wisdom teeth come in is they can force your teeth out of alignment. Having your teeth misaligned can lead to needing braces to keep your smile looking beautiful and healthy. The process of having your wisdom teeth removed is surgical, so there is a healing period. However, in time, your smile will heal and you can be free from the troubles of having wisdom teeth.


If you have any questions about your wisdom teeth or would like to learn more about the surgical process, please call us today at 713-622-8607. Our friendly and professional staff is always happy to assist in any way we can.