Without Professional Treatment a Dental Abscess Can Be Life Threatening

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Choosing not to have a cavity treated by a professional dentist can allow the area of tooth decay to expand and worsen. In time the natural bacteria in your mouth could infiltrate the soft tissues within a tooth causing increasing discomfort. It could even cause a large area of infection to build up in the underlying gums.

As it continues to worsen, you will likely experience increasing pain and pressure in the local periodontal tissues. Without professional treatment from Dr. Jose Lopez the developing dental abscess could lead to sepsis and other life threatening consequences.

Sometimes Dr. Jose Lopez can treat an infected tooth and dental abscess with endodontic therapy and a course of prescription antibiotics. In an extreme case where the dental abscess is large or most of the tooth’s root has been decayed, he might recommend extracting the tooth.

Then Dr. Jose Lopez will likely prescribe antibiotics to treat any lingering infection, as well as pain medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal. After all infection concerns have passed, Dr. Jose Lopez can help you understand your applicable dental restoration options. This often calls for installing a dental bridge or performing a dental implant restoration.

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